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I’ve developed and refined a process, named The Knapp Family Wealth Experience, designed to bring meaning & value to your wealth. 

The Knapp Family Wealth Experience’s goal is that you understand the history behind why you hold your financial beliefs and philosophies, your current family's financial situation & aspirations, and create an actionable plan to pursue those targets. 

The Knapp Family Wealth Experience works to include: 

Step 1

Getting to Know Each.  Specifically, do we like each other.  We’ll both share details about ourselves and our families, values and beliefs to wealth, attitudes towards risk and financial decision-making.  We will take time to reflect, then follow up in two days to discuss whether we both feel we are a good fit.  

Step 2

When we both feel there’s a good fit, our next conversation centers around learning what your family aspirations are, your current financial position & your commitment to work towards your stated ambitions.  We ask that you are open and transparent as possible.  We also ask that you share the things you do not want to occur with your wealth.  

Step 3

We will work to outline your family’s wealth action plan.  This works to provide our belief as to what your options may be.  This is a discussion where you share your perspective on what may work (and won't work) for your family. 

Step 4

Periodic check-ins reviewing the progress of the agreed-upon action plan, discuss any necessary adjustments, and determining next steps working to stay on track. 

Step 5

Continual reviewing, refining, and advancing your action plan.  As your financial position evolve over time, we work with you to adjust accordingly as it aligns towards your values and aspirations. 

Step 6

Ongoing conversations helping you determine whether your family’s goals are still relevant or if they have changed.  This is important as your life unfolds and needs may evolve. 

The Knapp Family Wealth Experience helps to bring confidence and financial flexibility.

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