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Our Process

The Knapp Advisory Group helps their clients answer two fundamental questions:

·        Will I make it?

·        Do I have any financial blind spots?

We have found that people frequently haven’t defined what “it” means for them.  The Knapp Advisory Group helps you put specifics to what you are trying to achieve with your wealth.  We then review what you are currently utilizing financially to help determine the chances of that occurring.  Our goal is to give you a financial roadmap to your short term and long term financial ambitions by using a disciplined and risk aware investment strategy that seeks to provide consistent, realistic returns.   

The Knapp Advisory Group works to understand your total financial picture to determine if there is anything overlooked that may expose you, your family, or your business to harm.  If any risk exposure is uncovered, we will bring it to your attention and provide a rational strategy designed to help manage the risk